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Ultra HealthCare Trading is a healthcare solutions provider based in Dubai, we are committed to supplying the UAE/GCC market with the latest innovations in the healthcare sector.

Our aim is to optimize how you manage your Healthcare needs bringing the latest solutions to hospitals and clinics.  


African surgeon keeping track of vital functions of the body during cardiac surgery. Surgeon looking at medical monitor during surgery. Doctor checking monitor for patient health status.
About Us

We are Healthcare Solutions Provider

After several years of experience in the UAE healthcare market, focusing mainly on Radiology and Cardiology, Ultra Healthcare Trading was established aiming to optimize the needs of existing healthcare providers, introducing the latest innovative solutions.

Our objective is to improve the quality of life through our solutions, helping both patients and clinicians, enhancing health while assuring comfort and sustaining satisfaction.

Our team values the benefits of implementing the latest AI-driven solutions to help Radiologists and Cardiologists to provide a timely and accurate diagnosis.

Among other benefits, hospitals and clinics could accelerate the diagnostic decision making process, reduce waiting times, increase  patients throughput who will receive prompt diagnosis, improve quality imaging, etc.

Our Story

With more than 15 years of experience in Radiology, our team appreciates the benefits of implementing the latest AI-driven solutions to help radiologists and Cardiologists provide a timely and accurate diagnosis.


Hence, we are commited to provide worldclass products & technology for the healthcare industry

AI-driven MRI and PET accelerating and image improvement solutions


Reduces image noise for the entire body, including but not limited to, head, spine, neck, abdomen, pelvis, prostate, breast and musculoskeletal regions of the body, and increases image sharpness for head MRI.


Uses denoising to improve the image quality of low count PET exams conducted in up to 25% of the original scan time.


Subtle Medical was born out of Stanford University by founders, Greg Zaharchuk, MD, Ph.D., Neuroradiologist and Professor at Stanford, and Enhao Gong, Ph.D., a deep learning scientist.

Our Team


Senior Clinical Application Specialist

Ramzi Fanni


Co-founder & Business Manager

Hamzah Hmeidi


Business Development Manager

Mohammed Al-Refae


Alessandro Roncacci, MD Chief Medical Officer. Affidea (Torino, Italy)

With Subtle Medical, we were able to achieve the same high quality images with a 33% reduction in FDG dose. This had a positive impact on patient safety and the operational workflow too. Following the successful pilot in Italy, we decided to deploy the innovative solution across Affidea Europe, where we have an extensive volume of PET/CT units.

Gerald Bonardel, MD Professor, Center Cardiologique du Nord (CCN) Hospital Delafontaine (Paris, France)

PET/CT practice in Paris very competitive as there are only 45 systems. It's very important for us at CCN to minimize the wait time delay for a PET appointment and ensure the best possible experience for patients during their procedure. What's appealing to us about SubtlePET is that the technology allows us to reduce the wait times and time spent in the scanner, while providing high quality diagnostic images.

Ravi Jain, MD, PhD Radiologist Middlesex health

Focusing SubtlePET AI software on faster image acquisition, we are dramatically increasing PET scan efficiency and providing a superior patient experience. The technology allows us to scan the patient four times faster than normal, yet maintain equal image quality, not otherwise impacting workflow.

Suzie Bash, MD Neuroradiologist at RadNet

We are excited about the results we have seen with SubtleMR. In our multicenter, multireader clinical validation Research, we reduce our image acquisition time by 60% and were able to restore excellent image quality which exceeded that of standard-of-care. As we have begun incorporating SubtleMR into our routine clinical practice at some of our sites, we have found that image enhancement of our accelerated image protocols not only improves efficiency and boosts quality, but ultimately provides a better imaging experience for our patients.

Larry Tanenbaum Chief Technology Officer, RadNet Inc.

As we integrate SubtleMR's artificial intelligence technology into our existing workflows we are improving image quality and efficiency, which enables us to focus more of our time doing what matters -- caring for patients.

Adam Brochert Radiologist, Precision Imaging Centers

Our goal at Precision Imaging Centers is to deliver the best patient care possible. We pride ourselves on being early adopters of innovative technology, which differentiates us from other imaging centers. Using SubtlePET, we are able to maintain superior image quality of our accelerated protocols. It also allows us to complete more CT's on the same scanner. The ability to conduct these faster scans both increases our workflow efficiency and creates a better patient experience by getting patients in and out of the scanner faster. It's a win-win for us and for them.

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