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SwiftMRTM is deep-learning based MRI reconstruction software that reduces MRI scan times by up to 50% without compromising image quality. When MRI scans are made at shorter scan times, the resulting output image is of low-quality. This gap in image quality would be made up for during post-processing through SwiftMRTM.

Developed By AIRS Medical

AIRS Medical aims for ‘Predictable Health’ beyond the limitations of the existing healthcare industry with outstanding technology. We believe we can transform the inefficient medical industry with data-driven healthcare. We will be taking our innovative diagnostic solutions to everyone all around the world.

Upgrade Your MRI In Less Than A Day

Supports fast scans

Supports fast scans

✓ Scan time reduction
✓ Fewer repeat scans
✓ Less wait time

Exceptional image quality

Exceptional image quality

✓ Excellent noise reduction
✓ Sharpness increased
✓ Motion artifact correction

Ease of use

Ease of use

✓ Zero changes to workflow
✓ No additional hardware
✓ Instant upgrades

Approved by the South Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety
510(k)-cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Class B approved by the Vietnam Ministry of Health
Class C approved by the Indonesia Ministry of Health

MFDS approved

FDA 510(k)-cleared

The range of body parts and pulse sequences supported by SwiftMRTM can vary for each country depending on its regulatory status. *SwiftMRTM future availability in other regions cannot be guaranteed. Any updates in future regulatory status will be available on our website.

Scan time and image quality can now go together

Brain MRA - 3.0T Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra

TR/TE: 21/3.4 ㎳
Acquisition voxel size: 0.52×0.55×1.2 ㎜

Brain AX FLAIR - 3.0T Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra

TR/TE: 9000/102 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.55×0.91×5.0 mm

Brain 3D T1WI AX Reformat - 3.0T Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra

TR/TE: 2100/2.8 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 1mm isotropic
Reformat thickness: 1mm

Brain AX T2*WI - 1.5T GE Signa HDxt

TR/TE: 517/12 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.88×1.05×5.0 mm

L-Spine SAG T2WI - 1.5T Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza

TR/TE: 3200/100 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.71×1.19×4.0 mm

C-Spine AX T2WI-1.5T Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza

TR/TE: 3200/114 ㎳
Acquisition voxel size: 0.66×0.74×3.0 ㎜

L-Spine AX T2WI - 1.5T Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza

TR/TE: 3540/98 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.56×0.75×4.0 mm

Shoulder AX PDWI FS - 1.5T Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza

TR/TE: 3000/23 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.63×0.78×3.0 mm

Shoulder COR PDWI FS - 3.0T Philips Ingenia CX

TR/TE: 2400/30 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.50×0.68×3.0 mm

Knee SAG T2WI 1.5T Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza

TR/TE: 4450/105 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.50×0.56×3.0 mm

Knee COR PDWI FS - 3.0T Philips Ingenia CX

TR/TE: 3000/30 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.40×0.51×3.0 mm

Ankle AX PDWI FS - 1.5T Siemens MAGNETOM Essenza

TR/TE: 3270/37 ms
Acquisition voxel size: 0.53×0.66×3.0 mm

Easy and automated connection in DICOM standard

PACS and SwiftMRTM interoperates automatically after installation.

Changes to MRI scan workflow are minimal