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2023 Health Trends: Healthcare Sector and Technology

Technological advancement has grown exponentially in the past decade. The healthcare sector is one of the many businesses that technology has heavily disrupted. Today, big and small companies are using it to cultivate their growth. For advanced technology and state-of-the-art medical imaging solutions, contact Ultra Healthcare In this blog, we’ll talk about five trends that […]

Cardiac CT

Modern CT scanners can perform a procedure called computed tomography angiography or CTA, which is notable for its accuracy (up to 95%) when detecting small blockages in coronary arteries. The imaging technology also allows doctors to rule out congenital abnormalities and severe heart and artery disease. CTA is also significantly less invasive than older techniques […]

Cardiac MRI

Compared to earlier medical imaging technologies to detect heart diseases, MRI heart scanners provide more detailed images that can help doctors evaluate the heart’s structure and function. MRI is particularly useful when it comes to showing valve disease, the heart’s overall appearance (volume, shape, and size), tumors, blood clots, and other abnormalities that older imaging […]